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Our story begins over 80 years ago, in Vigevano Italy, where our Founder, Nello Donini, was a Master Chocolatier creating scrumptious artisan delights.

In the late 1970’s, the Donini family moved to Canada and set up a factory in Belleville, Ontario producing liquid tanker loads of chocolate serving the industrial chocolate sector between Ontario and Quebec as well as Artisanal chocolate for bakeries and smaller chocolate shops.


The Donini Family

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Donini Chocolate, 1984

Lion's Club, 1986

Today, we are still a family run business.

Our customer base varies from very large corporate customers to small independent chocolate shops, restaurants and bakeries.


Producing 2.8 million kg of liquid chocolate per year

Creating over 35 different chocolate formulations to service all aspects of the chocolate industry


Providing food service industry with various premium chocolate ingredients.

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